BIG IT UP - Make Snappy Happy - Games kids can get into!

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  • 5013138669662
  • Size group: 60x100x45 cm
  • Composition: PVC / Poliester
  • Manufacturer: Worldsapart
  • Gender: girl

* Fun pop up game for all the family * Carefully remove the Crocodiles rotten teeth without making a sound! * Includes fabric Crocodile, 10 removable teeth and a sound unit * The Crocodile has 10 teeth and some are rotten * Aim of the game is to remove the rotten teeth without hurting it * Players crawl into the Crocodiles mouth and try to grab a tooth before he chomps * If the Crocodile chomps while they are in its mouth they miss their go * Once all teeth have been removed the player with the most rotten teeth wins * Sound unit included * Comes with carry bag to store the game when not in use*
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