FFP2 protective face mask respirator

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Face mask individually packed in foilmask has been passed EN149 FFP2 approvals and is a standard FFP2 mask specification. The FFP2 mask meets the requirements of EN149:2001 and offers a excellent protection for wears against dust, mist, fiber, solid, oil, and water based aerosols.

The FFP2 mask can be used in concentrations of contaminants up to 10 times the Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL). High performance FFP2 mask as above except with an added carbon layer to absorb nuisance odors.

Superching offers high effective and high quality FFP2 mask to meet client's needs. FFP2 Respirator Mask, medical professionals can be assured they will be protected from air particles during surgical procedures, as it is designed to remain securely in place. Users can expect comfort from our best protective mask, which is manufactured to be soft on the skin. This is due to our use of high-quality, white, polypropylene and polyester materials for both the interior and exterior.  

Mask individually packed in foil

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