Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why I can't see the prices of your products?

In order to see the prices you have to be logged in. Due to a fact that we are a wholesaler, only registered users who conduct business activities may do shopping in our online shop. The registration is free of charge. We don't require any documents to be send. All you have to do is to fill in required fields. Then you may log in.


2. How can I make an order?

Firstly, you have to choose the products and add them to the shopping cart. Then you have to choose the way of delivery and define payment method.  Finally, you have to confirm your order. Then an email with confirmation will be send to you. Orders are realized on the basis of the products that you added to a shopping cart. They are not realized until you confirm your order and we get it via email.


3. Can I download the photos of your products without your watermark and use it in order to sell your products on my own website?

Yes, you have our permission to use our photos. If you want to download them you have to go to the section „My orders”, choose the order number related to the photos and click on the icon of the chosen product. The photo will be blowed up without Gatito watermark.


4. Is your stock totally legal? May I sell it without any problems?

Yes, our stock is totally oryginal. We have appropriate licences and we may send it to you via email if you wish. We may also add it to the order package.


5. How can I get the product licence? Is it free?

Yes, it is free. We may send a copy of the licence to you via email and add it to your order package. If you wish to get a licence please let us know about it in a comments.


6. My acquaintance has sold similar products and she had some problems with customs service. May this happen to me if I'll be selling your products?

It is not possible, unless you do not sell only our stock. Unfortunately, there are some fakes of licence products on wholesale market. The sale of this products is illegal and it may end with economic penalty, expropriation of the stock and criminal liability.


7. What is your discount policy?

We implemented reward points. You get these points for every single order and you may change it into a coupon. You may realize this coupon if the total amount of your order is above 1000 pln ( 250 euro).

Discount policy of company depends on the value of net orders placed in the last 6 months.

It's shaped in a way following:

The value of the order

€2500,00 zł - €5000,00 discount - 3%

€5000.00 - €8750.00 discount - 5%

€8750.00 - €12500.00 discount - 7%

€12500.00 - €1000000.00 discount - 10%

Individual discounts are activated automatically by the system after crossing specific orders' values.


8. How can I realize my coupon?

In order to realize a coupon you have to change reward points into a coupon when you enter a bookmark called „my reward points”. Then you paste a coupon number in a shopping cart. We get reward points for the products which amount is above 1000 PLN (250 euro). The value of a coupon trims the total value of the order.


9. How long it takes to realize an order?

We realize orders according to the sequence in which they come to us. Order delivery date differs from 2 days to 7 days.  COD packages, paid in advance via credit card or paypal are usually send in the same day in which you make your order if we get it till 12 o'clock.  If you want to speed up delivery you have to send a confirmation of the bank transfer to us. The bank transfer payment method is preffered as a payment method. Consequently, such orders are proritized just after we get bank transfer confirmation.


10. I've made an order but I want to wait for another products which will be available in the following days. May I join two orders so that they will be sent to me in one package?

Yes, you may join the orders so long as they are not longer then 7 days apart. In case of joined orders we accept only bank transfer as the payment method.


11. May I do shopping directly in your warehouse?

Yes of course, we are open for seven days a week. You can find the address of our wholesale centre and open hours in the footer of our site.


12. Do you accept phone orders?

Unfortunately, only direct orders and those made by our website are accepted.


13. I want to open a shop and I try to get a subsidy from job agency.  Can I count on your support?

If you want to cooperate with us we invite you to contact us by phone. We will do the best to help you in you business start.


14. What is the meaning of red and green dots on the products list in shopping cart?

These colours show if the product is available (green) or not available after putting it to shopping cart (red). Please take into consideration that our stock is changing and offer valid while stock lasts. If a product was added to shopping cart and after a few hours or days it appeared in shopping cart with red dot it should be deleted from shopping cart in order to realize the order. It is due to a fact that another users bought it and confirmed their orders while it was in your shopping cart.


14. Can I book a stock?

Yes, you can. Such reservation let you to plan your shopping in advance. Those clients who are veryfied by our company have an access to our products earlier than they appear in the stock. They may book these products and get 5% discount. The rebate which amount is 5% will be added to the invoice when a stock will be sent. We don't require to pay 5% deposit of the value of the pre order.


16. When do new offers appear?

In Gatito online shop there are current product offers which are available on the spot and those which will be soon available. It may happen that a product which was available in our offer is sold out and it will be in our offer again. The products are dynamic and they change very often so they may appear in every moment. We invite you to use the option: ”inform me when the product will be available”. Thanks to that you get an email with the information that the product is available. You may find the information about new products and special offers in the newsletters which we send to our clients via email.


17. May I change an address of the delivery?

You may edit the address of the delivery when you make an order. You may also go to the bookmark „my account” and add a new adress or change the existing one. Please contact us via email if the order was made and the delivery should be related to the adress which is not putted in the order conifirmation.


18. How can I find out if my order has been sent?

When we issue invoice and goods are paid, you get an email with a tracking number to follow your package. It does not mean that your package in on the way straight away but probably the link which will let you to follow your packge will be active. You will be able to check the status of the shipment in every moment.


19. I have forgotten the password, what should I do?

You may generate a password again from the site where you log in. There is a link: „Forget your password?” After choosing that option a new password will be send into your email address. Then you may change it when you enter your account.


20. Do the prices include VAT?

The foreigners will pay VAT which is applied in Poland. Clients from different countries whose firms are located in UE and have current EU VAT number provided during registration will not have to pay VAT. Those who don't have current EU VAT number or who do not have their firms in the UE pay 23% VAT.


21. Why I don't get email messages from Gatito?

Please check if the email address info@gatito.pl has not been signed as a spam or if the email used during registration is correct.


22. May I return a stock?

If you want to make a reclamation because the product was damaged or not appropriate with the one you ordered, please send an email to the address: info@gatito.pl with following information: order number or invoice number and justifiable complaint. A reclamation without earlier consultation is impossible. If you don't like a product is it not enough to make a reclamation.


If you have more questions, please let us know by email: info@gatito.pl



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