Baby cot carousel with projector – music box + remote control music bed bell cot toys with timing hanging rotating

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Your baby is going to love the projector carousel, it’s even suitable for newborn babies. The baby cot carousel helps the child to fall asleep, allowing them to focus their attention on the colorful toys, creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The adjustable mounting handle found on the projector carousel makes the toy suitable for most baby cots available on the market. You can also successfully attach the the remote control carousel to a pram, this way the carousel accompanies the baby during a walk (to do so you have to detach the carousel from the projector and then attach it to the pram).
The hoop stick of the carousel features 4 colorful toys which can be easily detached, once the child gets interested so that they can play with the toy. The projector of the toy carousel casts a delicate and toned down light on the ceiling and the walls. The colorful moon and stars will helps the child sleep, and allow the parent to check if they’re all right without the need to turn on another light. The cot bed carousel also plays peaceful, calming melodies, their clear toned down sound calms the child down and helps them to fall asleep.
The remote control carousels projectors has buttons which allow to change the melodies, to adjust the volume level, to turn the light on and off, and also start and stop the turning of the carousel. The basic functions of the carousel projector can be controlled with the use of included remote control, this allows the child to stay asleep.  The remote control features the on/off button for the carousel and the projector and also the sound level adjustment buttons.The projector carousel will allow your child to have a good night’s sleep.


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